Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Out into the wide World

Hello, Dear Reader.

This blog will showcase my thoughts or musings, if you like, on whatever subject I want to write about. Expect a lot of stuff about literature and music, but also about politics and culture in general.
I am an Democratic Socialist and a Humanist, which will inform my commentary on such matters.
In case you wonder, my pseudonym, Sweveham, comes from a place name in William Morris's novel "The Well at the Worlds End". The name of the blog comes from the song "The Revealing science of God" by Yes from the album "Tales from Topographic Oceans": 

"Dawn of light lying between a silence and sold sources.
 Chased amid fusions of wonder, in moments hardly seen forgotten..."

The name of this blogpost comes from Ralph Lundsten's tune "Ut i vida världen", which of course translates into English as "Out into the wide world" (and yes, I am Swedish).
Well, here goes. Hope You enjoy the blog.

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