Sunday, 9 February 2014

"Tear down the mountains" ( a poem)

Dedicated to the sharks in the waters off the coast of Western Australia

"Tear down the mountains, we're afraid to fall".
"Dry the oceans, we're afraid to drown"
"Kill the wolves, we're afraid to be eaten"
So they scream in shrill voices, the "stewards of the Earth"
To them the Earth belongs
They who have never understood.

I dream of sharks at night
Huge, white, with many teeth
I do not fear

I see men, in suits.
Old and frail.
I scream in fear

For sharks kill to eat, men in suits kill to earn.
The sharks will stop eating, once they are full,
but the men are never full
They will go on, eating forests, libraries, oceans, schools, animals and hospitals,
until there is nothing left on this Earth.


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