Saturday, 10 January 2015

On the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. (poem)

After the evil forces of Salafism
have killed the people of may 68,
doing what De Gaulle dreamed
of so many years ago,
the men come from the right bank
to lower the red flag of socialism
and wash it in the  blood
and then claim it was
the Tricolore all along.

Comment: The right-wing has been quick to appropriate Charlie Hebdo as a symbol, washing over the fact that Charlie is a fiercely anti-capitalist magazine, born in the forges of the 60s and 70s counterculture and an opponent of the very mainstream bourgeois media outlets that now hypocritically support the magazine after being it's enemies for over 40 years.
The reference to De Gaulle is due to various Gaullist attempts to ban the magazine for it's satire. The right bank of the Seine (looking downstream) in Paris is traditionally associated with the establishment, as opposed to the left bank which is associated with artists and bohemianism. Salafism is the, literalist, fundamentalist and reactionary wing of Islam.

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